Jeremy Lin Branding

Created a Branding Project for one of the most sensational Basketball Player in the NBA Jeremy Lin. COME CHECK IT OUT (In discussion with Jeremy Lin Team to make it his official Logo)

For this project i was inspired to do brand Jeremy Lin. I wanted to create a brand that will describe him. I was really inspired about his story on becoming the young uprising star of the NBA and i was lucky to have met him for a bit in the Allstar Weekend in Orlando, FL. I started to take on this project to challenge my self on creating his brand. I am a big Basketball and Nike so it would be great if I did my own take with this project.

*this is not an official Jeremy Lin logo by NIKE
*photos does not belong to me, feel free to contact me if you want me to take it down or give you credit at
The logo inspiration came from the idea of his confidence, his current location(NEW YORK CITY), his history and his faith.

The Shield
The logo is shaped like a shield because Jeremy Lin graduated from Harvard and the school logo represents a shield. I wanted to incorporate that to his logo because school is very important to him and his family. It also represents his past and his success at Harvard. Also the shield represents protection. He believes in his faith that god will always protect him no matter what happen to his future and that god will always be there for him. The shield represent protection

Playing basketball in New York can make or break you. You have to have athick skin to survive it. It's like having a shield on battle to protect yourself from getting hurt.

JLIN is a short nickname for JEREMY LIN.

Number 17
The number 17 is the number he wears for the Knicks. It feels right to put his number with the logo.

Stylize text.
I made a customized font because New York City there are numerous numbers of artist and different styles of art,  with all the painters, graffiti, and street artist. I wanted to make something that is my own art stylize font to show my artistic side. I also made the font edge very tight and sharp to represent different building in New York City and how the building perfectly fits together in the city.
Color Selection:
My first reason of selecting Orange & Blue was because he plays for the NEW York Knicks and I wanted the color to represent the team he plays for. It was an easy choice to make.

It got me to think a little bit of reason why I should use the colors and challenge myself why the colors is fitting to Jeremy Lin so I did a littlebit of color theory on why I used the colors.

Why Orange?
Orange represents happiness of the color yellow and the energy of red. From what I see during games and interviews, Jeremy Lin smiles a lot and always seems to be happy to thank his teammates, the lord, and his family. His happiness is from all the support he gets. He is thankful that god blessed him to play the game he loves for his career.

Jeremy Lin’s speed represents a lot of energy and how exciting of a player he is form every drive, lay-ups, dunks, shot, Jeremy Lin is one of the most exciting basketball player right now.

Orange also represents success. Jeremy Lin’s success on and off the court is staggering, a graduate of Harvard University and a sensational point guard of the New York Knicks.

Why Blue?
Blue represents intelligence, confidence, loyalty, faith, and wisdom. Jeremy Lin is a very religious. His faith to god is a big role on Jeremy Lin’s identity. He plays with god in his heart and always thank him first before and after the game. 

Jeremy Lin is a very intelligent person, no question he is a Harvard graduate and one of the young brilliant talent of the NBA.

Confidence represent a big part on Jeremy Lin, from all the research I did for this project all he talks about is staying positive and be confident on what you do to achieve success. From my research Jeremy Lin almost gave up on basketball after being cut by 3 teams inhis first two years in the NBA. He almost gave up, but his faith to god and his confidence helped him get through this adversity and now his one of the most sensational basketball player in the NBA today.

I created some place holder on what the Nike website would look if they are promoting Jeremy Lin in the homepage and the merchandising section. 

Poster Mockup -
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